Wine Cellar in the Village of Vaio

Strategic Direction: Rural Economic Diversification and Tourism

The village of Vaio is rich in cultural and historical sites including St. George's Church in Zvara, the medieval arch bridge in Dandalo, the Caviani Castle, and more, all of which yield great interest from tourists.

The Shavishvili family have opened a guesthouse and a wine cellar in the village and have Tsolokauri, Chkhaveri, and other grape vineyards along with additional crops.  On average, every year the family produces 7 tons of grapes and 4 tons of wine.

The Shavishvili family has 50 years of experience in wine production.
The family offers guests the opportunity to take part in the process of distilling local brandy and to participate in other agricultural activities. The family business also offers its guests hiking tours and an opportunity to prepare and taste Georgian cuisine.

The project aims to equip the winery with modern tools and to purchase wine barrels for storage.

As a result of the project, 5 people will be employed


Overall project budget: 19,600 GEL
European Union funding: 15,680 GEL
Co-funding: 3920 GEL

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