Wine Cellar in the Village of Vaio

Strategic direction: Rural Economic Diversification and Tourism

Makho’s Marani was founded 10 years ago and has been integrated into the Wine Route tours. The Wine Cellar offers its guests local traditional cuisine and varieties of natural wine.

The company also offers its guests masterclasses in cooking and participation in the harvest.

The project entails the renovation of guest rooms, halls, and balconies so that they meet the market standards for hosting tourists.

In addition, the project also involves improvements to the cellar. Specifically, the addition of Merisi stone to the construction would create an authentic design for the cellar. The project aims to increase the wine and chacha production while also improving services offered to the guests.

6 people will be employed as a result of the project

Overall project budget: 23,988.89 GEL
European Union funding: 19,123.19 GEL
Co-funding: 4865.70 GEL

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