Winery in the Village of Vaio

Strategic direction: Rural Economic Diversification and Tourism

The family guesthouse and winery of Lado Shavishvili produces wine and Georgian brandy made from various fruits and honey. The winery has been integrated onto the well-known tourist route Wine Route map.

Lado Shavishvili is an experienced wine-maker and grape-grower with 40 years of experience. He has been working in tourism over the last 15 years. The family-run winery produces wine grapes unique to the region: Chkhaveri, Tsolokauri, Aladasturi, Ochkhanuri Saperavi, along with other grape varieties. Every year the winery produces 8000 – 10000 kg of grapes.

The winery also has a guest house that offers its guests many activities such as Georgian cuisine degustation, folk music performances, and participation in the grape harvest and wine-making process.

The project entails the construction of a new building for the winery with proper equipment and storage in order to increase the effectiveness, it also includes the interior and exterior design, in order to improve the quality of the wine and the process of wine-making by making it more effective.
The project aims to improve procedures in order to meet the necessary standards for filtration, bottling, and labeling (among others).

As a result of the project 3 women and 1 man will be employed.

Overall project budget: 40,000 GEL
European Union funding: 28,000 GEL
Co-funding: 12,000 GEL

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