Merab and Giorgi Takidze Wine Cellar in the Vilalge of Tsoniarisi

Strategic direction: Rural Economic Diversification and Tourism

Merab and Giorgi Takidze Wine Cellar has been up and running since 2010. The winery offers variety of wines among which are unique local varieties such as Chkhaveri, Aladasturu, and Tsolikauri. The family has own vineyard in a form of upper and lower plantation.

The project entails renovation and improvement works on the existing wine cellar, purchasing modern equipment for wine production to increase the effectiveness and quality of the winery and the installation of the systems.

Giorgi Takidze, student, is one of the established young wine-makers, he has been involved in wine-making since his childhood. In 2019, Giorgi became the winner of the Keda Wine Festival. Other family members are also involved in the family business, such as Merab Takidze, an experienced wine-maker.

3 people will be employed as a result of the project.

Overall project budget: 22,500 GEL
European Union funding: 16,000 GEL
Co-funding: 6500 GEL

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