Bee-keeping in the Village of Vaio

Strategic direction: Rural Economic Diversification and Tourism

The environmental characteristics of Keda create ideal conditions for bee-keeping, making it a popular activity in the region. Lamzara Khinikadze is a bee-keeper whose project entails the expansion and improvement of her honey production business.

Lamzira produces Chestunut, Acacia, and flower honey as well as a local brandy made with honey.

Under the project, a Honey House will be set up, where international and local tourists will be able to try honey varieties and local brandy while exploring the bee-keeping process and taking part in extracting honey themselves.

The project will help the producer label and package the products in jars of various sizes, increasing the quality and presentation of the product.

The specific activities of the project are: purchase of honey production equipment and brandy distillery equipment, purchase and transportation of construction materials, renovation of the building, and purchase of all necessary equipment for the Honey House.

5 people will be employed as the result of the project

Overall project budget: 40,000 GEL
European Union funding: 28,000 GEL
Co-funding: 12,000 GEL

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