Chkhaveri Vineyard in the village of Milisi

Strategic Direction: Agriculture

Keda is known for its viticulture and winemakeing traditions and the village of Milisi is historically known for Chkhaveri variety. Chkhaveri wine is particularly praised for high quality and unique taste and is in high demand.

The aim of the project is a cultivation of Chkhaveri grapes on 0.25 Ha of privately owned agricultural land by Anzor Gvarishvili. In total 361 roots will be planted.

Anzor gvarishvili is an experienced small-scale farmer and wine-maker, he has his own vineyard, wine cellar, cultivates many annual crops as well as apple, pear, nuts, plums, and cherry among others.

As a result of implementing the project 3 people will be employed, among which are 1 woman and 1 young adult.

Overall project budget: 9967,5 GEL
European Union funding: 8467,5 GEL
Co-funding: 1500 GEL

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