Persons with disabilities in Keda municipality as local climate change ambassadors

EU-supported Keda Local Action Group launches a new project


Keda Local Action Group (LAG), with the support of the Global Environment Fund’s (GEF) small grants programme, launches a new project: Persons with Disabilities in Keda Municipality as Local Climate Change Ambassadors.


Main objective of the project is to implement an effective  initiative with a high potential for  upscaling. This initiative aims to  successfully integrate persons with disabilities into the field of environmental protection, demonstrating methods for supporting the integration of persons with disabilities into the socio-economic life of the community, and for improving their livelihoods, while simultaneously achieving environmental goals.


The project has multifaceted aims such as improving the capacity of persons with disabilities in the municipality – ensuring that they receive the necessary knowledge on how to advocating for issues like environmental protection and climate change, and how to integrated these issues into the rural development process; As a result, the project will increase the resilience of Keda Municipality against the expected adverse effects of climate change.


The planned activities within the project include: the implementation of an awareness raising campaign about climate change and environmental issues with the active participation of persons with disabilities, establishing a coalition of Climate Ambassadors, conducting thematic trainings, and developing Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Keda municipality etc.


The Keda LAG will cooperate closely with the Council for Persons with Disabilities within the Keda City Hall and will also involve various groups such as youth, local community members and state institutions.


The project will continue until 31 March 2022 and the budget is 51,880 USD.

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