Keda Municipality Joins the EU initiative “Mayors for Economic Growth”
Within the framework of the Keda Local Action Group initiative, Keda Municipality joined the EU initiative “Mayors for Economic Growth.”

Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) is a new initiative of the European Union, which began operating in January of 2017 within the framework of the Eastern Partnership.
The overall goal of the initiative is to support mayors and municipalities to be more active facilitators for economic growth and job creation at the local level. Mayors for Economic Growth has the potential to become an extensive professional network across the region, which will require certain commitments from its members as well as offer solid expert and peer-to-peer support.

It is noteworthy that with the initiative of the mayor of Keda, Mr. Levan Gorgiladze, the Chief Specialist of the municipality’s financial unit and coordinator of Tourism and Business Development sectoral direction of the Keda Local Action Group (LAG), Raul Tsintsadze, was nominated as the Local Economic Development Officer (LEDO) within the framework of M4EG.

According to the mayor of Keda, “yet another new initiative has started in our municipality, which will ensure economic development, new partnerships and efficient partnerships between local governments, and the private and civic sectors. Keda City Hall expects that the coordinated work will create more public good. This will be a long-term Local Economic Development Strategy and support the municipality’s economic growth, and the initiative will also attract new investments and other vital changes that will be utilized to improve the livelihood of Keda residents. In the name of our municipality, I want to first express our gratitude to the European Union for their support, and also to CENN, the Institute of Democracy and the Keda Local Action Group for their initiative”.

By joining the aforementioned initiative, new opportunities will be available for Keda Municipality in terms of an expanded investment portfolio and additional support from donors. Furthermore, by joining the initiative, another positive example of cooperation between the municipality and the Keda Local Action Group has been established.

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